Services of an Electrician

The electrician is responsible for carrying out all types of electricity related work in your home as well as your office. This can range from something as simple as changing a burnt out florescent lamp in your house, to something as complicated as finding the faults in a high volt power supply line and repairing it. As this professional knows the terms and conditions of the power supply company of your region, he can help you to fill up the papers required to install a new meter in your office or house, as well as submit the same to the relevant authorities. The electrician also does a wide variety of work in your commercial premises and residence to make sure that the power installation operates efficiently, as is installed as per the recommendations of the power supply unit. These professionals have the diagnostic tools required to find out the load of each individual electricity gadget in your residence or office to calculate the total load consumed, and suggest a meter that can bear the total load. As wires and other fittings deteriorate over time, you should call upon an electrician to test them, and replaced the damaged parts as required.

Selecting an electrician
Make sure that you hire the services of a licensed emergency electrician who has the permits required to carry our electricity maintenance in your city. Most individuals take electricity for granted. They forget that cabling of a house becomes outdated and frayed after a couple of years, and need to be rewired. In such a situation, a professional and licensed electrician inspects the power cable inside your office or residence for faults and replace the damaged and frayed cables. Rewiring the cables of your home in time can help prevent you from suffering from electrical shocks. Apart from this old electrical joints often emit electricity sparks, especially if they are frayed, resulting in a fire. You can prevent this from taking place by getting hold of an electrician to evaluate the cabling of your property. Find listed below some of the reasons why you might require a rewiring job.

• When you find green residue on the wiring
• The switches in your bathroom are located close to water outlets
• The sockets are on the skirting
• The wires have a cotton covering
• The rubber shield on the wires have melted
• The lights in your property turn on and off frequently
• You receive power bills much more than you should (this happens when there is a leak in a power supply cable)
• The miniature circuit breaker trips to the “off” position whenever you try to switch on a heavy duty electricity gadget (the cable supplying the power to the gadget cannot take the load, or there is a short circuit)

You can also depend on the electrician to set up the connections of your geyser and other electric gadgets once they have been installed. The electrician will also check the total load requirement of your property and determine if leaks in the power cables are responsible for inflated energy bills.