Types Of Repairs Provided By A Glazier

When you need any type of window or glass repair or installation, such as skylights, storefronts, or display cases, a glazier is the best person for you to call to do the job. Glaziers are skilled tradesmen who undergo years of training and apprenticeship before becoming fully licensed and certified. According to the U.S. Department of Labor’s Occupational Outlook Handbook, a glazier’s has five general tasks: follow blueprints, remove any damaged or broken glass and install new glass, cut glass to correct or specific size and shape, fasten glass into the framework with a proper fastener, create or install moldings for glass installation, and add a sealant or putty to weatherproof the glass and seal.

Other jobs provided by a glazier
While the above list is a general guide to the basic jobs of a glazier, jobs now performed by glaziers can be much more intricate and detailed. Glass surfaces and settings have advanced quite a bit in past 50 years, and now many glaziers must also work with certain plastics that are used as alternatives to glass and be skilled at cutting and shaping various types of glass.

Window repair and boarding
Tempered or plate glass is extremely heavy and difficult to replace. this type of glass is often used on storefronts or in high rise buildings. A glazier is the best option for replacing or repairing cracked or broken plate glass. If you live in an area where severe storms are common, it is often necessary to board up windows. A glazier can also provide expert window boarding that is secure and will prevent your windows from suffering from storm damage.

Door repairs
Windows are not the only repairs performed by glaziers. There are many types of doors that contain glass windows that require the expert skills of a glazier to replace due to their small size and unique shapes. A glazier has the skills and proper tools to create, cut, and install the proper shapes and sizes needed for glass replacement in all types of doors.

When it comes to window and glass repair and replacement, an experienced glazier should always be your first choice. While some window and glass replacement and repairs may seem simple, only a certified glazier has the skills and proper tools necessary to get the job done right the first time.